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What is a Google Post and Why is it Important for Businesses in Malaysia?

What is a Google Post and Why is it Important for Businesses in Malaysia?

Have you ever wondered what a Google Post is, or why they are important for businesses in Malaysia? Google Posts are an effective way to reach your customers, allowing you to share information directly on your business’s listing in search results. This feature allows you to have more control over the messaging of your business which can be particularly helpful during COVID-19. Let’s learn more about how to create a Google Post and why it’s important for your business.

What Is a Google Post?

A Google Post is an easy way for you to share content with potential customers directly from your business page on the search engine results page (SERP). When customers search for your business name or related terms, the post will appear alongside the standard information about your business like hours of operation and customer reviews. It’s similar to creating a post on social media, but instead of being posted on Twitter or Facebook, the post appears directly in the SERP. You can use this feature to announce upcoming events, share promotions and coupons, or provide any other important updates about your business.

Benefits of Using Google Posts

One of the greatest benefits of using a Google Post is that it allows you to easily update information about your business in real-time. If there have been any changes in hours due to COVID-19 or if there are any new promotions or offers that you want people to know about, you can quickly add them through a post so they appear right away in search engine results. Additionally, since posts show up just below the “Knowledge Panel” section of SERPs (the box that contains basic information about businesses), it helps ensure that potential customers see all relevant details when searching for your company online.

Types of Google Posts

There are several types of posts that you can make on Google, each designed for different purposes. These include: 


If your business is hosting an upcoming event or webinar, posting about it on Google is a great way to let people know about it. You can include all the details necessary such as date/time, location (if applicable), cost (if applicable), and a link to register or purchase tickets if needed. 

Offers & Promotions:

Posting offers and promotions is one of the best ways to get people interested in what you have to offer. You can include information about any deals or discounts you’re offering as well as links so customers can easily access them if they desire. 

Product Updates & Services:

If your business has something new coming out or changes being made in existing products or services, creating a post about it on Google is a great way to spread the word quickly and effectively. Include images and videos when possible so customers can get an idea of what you’re talking about before clicking through for more information. 

Videos Content:

Videos are an incredibly powerful marketing tool because they give viewers an up-close-and-personal look at your business without having them visit your website or physical location. With videos posted on Google, users will be able to watch them directly from their search results page which makes it easy for them to find out more information about what you have going on before making a decision about whether or not they want to engage with you further. Additionally, if the video is interesting enough it could go viral giving your brand even more exposure! 

How To Create A Google Post

Creating a post only takes a few steps: First, log into Business Manager with an account associated with the business page where you want the post to appear. Then click “Posts” on the left-hand menu and click “Create New Post” at the top right corner of the screen. From here you can add images, text and links as needed before publishing the post. Once published, visitors will be able to view it right away when they look up related searches on Google!

How To Manage Your Posts Effectively

When it comes to managing your posts, there are several things you can do. First of all, make sure that the content is relevant and up-to-date; if it’s not relevant anymore then delete it! You should also consider setting up notifications so that you know when someone interacts with one of your posts (e.g., likes it). Additionally, if you want to increase engagement even further then consider adding polls or surveys directly into the post itself! Lastly, remember to keep track of analytics such as views and clicks so that you can see how effective each post is at driving traffic and generating leads for your business! 

  • Post regularly – Regularly posting relevant content will help keep customers engaged with your brand and encourage them to come back again in the future. Try not to go too long between posts as this could cause customers to forget about you!  
  • Be creative – Get creative with your content by creating interesting visuals or catchy headlines that capture people’s attention right away. Using humor or being relatable in your stories can also help build a strong connection with potential customers who see your content online. 
  • Analyze data – Don’t forget about analyzing data after posting! Make sure you take time every week to look at how well each post is performing so that you can adjust accordingly in the future if necessary. This will also give you valuable insights into what works best for your target audience so that you can create even better content next time round!


Google Posts offer businesses an easy way to get their message out there while also ensuring their customers have access to up-to-date information regarding their products or services. Creating a post is simple and straightforward—all it takes is logging into Business Manager and filling out some basic information like text, images and links! So start creating posts today and see what kind of impact they have on boosting engagement with customers!

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